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Spiderwe8 by makaka0612

That song Stacy’s Mom has haunted me ever since it came out…

and my name’s not even Stacy…

I can only imagine how the Stacy’s of the world feel about it.

I miss walking, but it’s nice to be online again.

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Love this
Lookie what my fiancé got me ~


Thank you everyone!


 had hoped to post about this earlier, but this is literally the first day I’ve had off in weeks!

So, I’ve kinda got some big news.

This nerd and I have been an item for a loooooooong time.

Seeing as we pretty much met though the nerdiest hobby of cosplay, I thought I’d pair up some of our old photos from some of our most fun cosplay experiences in order to accompany this news.

As of Christmas, he finally popped the question!

We’re engaged!   So, to celebrate, enjoy some super-derp photos of us from our years of con-going!    :D

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