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I hear a knock at the door around 10am while I’m being a bum and clicking through tumblr.  I make my way upstairs and answer the door only to be met by a nice pair of Jehovah’s Witness ladies. About this time I realize that I am dressed in the shortest shorts I own and a baggy bioshock shirt.  a bioshock shirt with a giant big daddy across the front, spattered with blood and a giant drill, and sitting on top of the word “RAPTURE” in big bold letters, made to mimic the old Nintendo game boxes…

I then nonchalantly try to awkwardly cross my arms over my entire front as she asks me about school and work… The lady then tells me she has a great pamphlet about violence (and an additional one about miracles). I take the pamphlets and we wish each other a nice day and they leave.

two pages into this pamphlet is an article about violent video games which includes the quote “To some degree, a love of video games demands a love of violence.”


They probably think I’m some kind of heathen… 

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